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Concerned about privacy while browsing the Internet? You should be. Everyone from your ISP to random users may be monitoring your every move. The best way to keep that from happening is by using a paid or free VPN service. Numerous options are available, but VyprVPN is a major standout. As you'll discover through the course of this Vypr VPN review, this company has the credentials, features and technology that are needed to allow people to browse anonymously, access blocked websites and much more for a very low monthly price. As an added bonus, VyprVPN boasts superior usability, exceptional customer support and top-notch connection speeds, so you can enjoy everything from American Netflix to your favorite streaming games and music without having anyone looking over your shoulder.

Security and Privacy

VyprVPN ensures exceptional security and privacy by providing access to more than 200,000 IP addresses and more than 750 servers around the world. The company has been in business since 1994, so it's safe to say it's doing something right. For an extra fee of $5 per month, you can also add on protection via NAT Firewall. Some would argue that that's a steep price to pay in addition to the monthly rate, but the added security it provides makes it more than worth it.


While many VPN providers skimp when it comes to features, VyprVPN has them in spades. You can take your pick from a variety of protocols, including Open VPN, L2TP and PPTP. Different plans come with different levels of encryption too, ranging from 128-bit encryption to 256-bit encryption. New features are added all the time, and Chameleon technology is a case in point. This defends against VPN throttling and blocking for even more effective security. With either plan, you also receive 5 GB of free cloud storage. With features like these, it's easy to see why VyprVPN has emerged as one of the most popular VPN providers.

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Nothing is more frustrating than gaining the ability to browse anonymously only to be hampered by ultra-slow speeds. That's not an issue with VyprVPN, luckily. Because the company has nearly 800 servers, it's easy to find one that's in your neck of the woods. Lag is pretty much unheard of, and that's true even if you're using data-intensive services like US Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and other streaming media. At long last, you don't have to choose between browsing anonymously and having high connection speeds. With VyprVPN, you get them both.


At first glance, you might think that VyprVPN charges too much for its plans. In exchange for either $15 per month or $20 per month, you gain access to a great DNS server network and other perks. The biggest difference between the two plans, which are the Basic Plan and the Pro Plan, is that the latter supports iOS and Android while the other doesn't. Most people want to browse anonymously on their mobile devices too, so the Pro Plan tends to be quite popular. If you tack on the NAT Firewall service, you're looking at either $20 a month or $25 a month. Most who use VyprVPN agree, though, that the price is more than justified.

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The process of getting VyprVPN up and running is relatively simple. You can download it right from the main dashboard or go to the app store to get it for your mobile device. Once it's downloaded, installation only takes a few short minutes. Figuring out your way around is a snap, and you are sure to appreciate the unlimited speed and easy server switching that go along with either plan. The only potential downside here is that you can't use the service on more than one device at a time. Fortunately, switching between devices is easy.


VyprVPN boasts a broad array of support options, and it's usually possible to resolve issues and questions without having to chat with a rep or send a message. Extensive, highly detailed setup instructions are included for all devices and operating systems. They provide clear, simple, step-by-step instructions for getting the service up and running. It's generally possible to find the answers you need in the numerous FAQs. In the event that you still need help, though, live chat is a great option. You can also submit a support ticket through the main website, and they are usually handled promptly.

The Bottom Line on VyprVPN

Throughout this VyprVPN review, you probably noticed that there are very few downsides to signing up with this service. Sure, the monthly rates are a little higher than those of many competitors, but they are well worth it if you value privacy, security and lightning-fast connection speeds. Without using a VPN, there's no telling who's watching your online activities. To preserve your anonymity, sign up for VyprVPN's free trial now.

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