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If you're looking for a fast, reliable, free VPN service, is well worth your consideration. The British company has been providing secure anonymous browsing and website unlocking features since 2005. At the time the company debuted, it strictly offered a standalone proxy service. In the years since, however, HideMyAss has added many additional features into the mix. The free service is incredibly comprehensive, but the company also offers an affordable paid plan that unlocks a variety of extra features. Wherever your needs may lie - whether you're interested in enjoying American Netflix from overseas or just want a free, secure way to surf the Internet anonymously - you're sure to be satisfied with HideMyAss. Find out why by checking out this HideMyAss review.

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Although HideMyAss is based in the UK, the company operates servers in countries around the world. At last count, the company offered more than 80,000 IP addresses across 77 countries, and more are being added all the time. When stacked up against other free VPN and DNS server providers, HideMyAss excels in nearly every conceivable way. Thanks to its active community of users, the company can keep its finger on the pulse of what people want and regularly delivers new features to ensure that their needs are met.


Since its inception, HideMyAss has offered reliable, fast, safe anonymous browsing services. Through its DNS servers, the company makes it easy for people to access websites that are blocked in their countries. Today, HideMyAss has a lot more to offer. It's more of a full-fledged security platform. Through HideMyAss, you can send anonymous emails, securely upload files and take your pick from a massive database of public open proxies. The VPN connections it provides are stable and fast, and the company offers a variety of protocols, including L2TP, PPTP and SSTP. To make things even better, unlimited bandwidth and traffic are included. A new feature, Secure IP Binding, provides enhanced security for peer-to-peer users and sharers by assigning IP addresses dynamically.


Far and away, HideMyAss's most popular service is its free web proxy, which allows you to browse sites anonymously and to unlock blocked websites. The majority of people who use the service stick with the free features. However, for a very reasonable monthly price, you can unlock a number of extra features too. Most importantly, the Pro VPN service offers lightning-fast anonymous browsing and a number of enhanced security features. The longer period of time you pay for upfront, the lower your monthly price will be. If you opt for a single month, you'll pay $11.52. If you pay for six months up front, you'll pay $8.33 per month. At just $6.55 per month, the 12-month rate is the most competitive and well worth it. There's no need to commit without knowing how it works. A free trial is available, so be sure to check it out.'s Pricing - HideMyAss Review at


Like most people, you'd probably rather not trade speed for security. With HideMyAss, you don't have to. The company understands how important speed is to its customers and provides them with a number of ways to pinpoint the fastest servers. You can even test the speed of a given server before connecting to avoid wasting time. The handy server map lets you quickly identify the best high-speed browsing options based on extensive user testing. With HideMyAss, you'll enjoy speeds that allow you to do practically anything, including downloading movies and games, streaming content and much more.


You shouldn't have to trade convenience for secure, anonymous browsing. Luckily, HideMyAss offers an incredibly intuitive interface, so getting down to business is a snap. Whether you've used free VPNs before or are doing this for the first time, you should feel right at home. With a single click of the mouse button, you can connect to a server that allows you to stream US Netflix and to enjoy a number of other activities. You can also effortlessly switch from one server to the next. The signup process is also a breeze and can be completed in just a few short minutes.


HideMyAss offers a number of ways to get the support you need. During its regular business hours, from 9am until 5pm GST, you can connect with service reps via live chat or phone. Email support is also available. If you send an email during business hours, you will generally receive a reply within a single hour. As great as the company's customer support is, it's not always necessary. That's because HideMyAss has very active user forums where you can post a question and get help around the clock.


For its robust array of features, exceptional customer support, ultra-fast speeds and affordable paid plans, HideMyAss is a major winner. If you need free VPN or are looking for related services, you can't go wrong with HideMyAss.

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