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In the increasingly crowded field of web hosting, HostPapa continues to be a major standout in a number of ways. In addition to offering some of the most affordable green hosting plans on the market, HostPapa distinguishes itself by offering simple, cost-effective hosting plans that are loaded with many compelling features. From its sleek, user-friendly interface to its all-inclusive pricing, this web hosting providing is a viable option for anyone who needs reliable, scalable, top-quality hosting.


If you're looking for low-cost web hosting that doesn't skimp when it comes to features, HostPapa deserves to be at the top of your list. One basic plan, The HostPapa Plan, is available, and it's offered in a tiered pricing format. If you pay for one year upfront, the monthly rate is $8.99. By paying for two years upfront, you'll pay $7.99 per month. With a three-year upfront payment, you'll pay just $6.99 per month. As an added bonus, these tiered monthly rates are slashed regularly, so it pays to check in often. Furthermore, coupon codes and other special offers are usually available, so it's easy to get The HostPapa Plan for an absolute steal.

Web Hosting HostPapa Pricing - HostPapa Review at CheapWebsites.com

It should also be noted that HostPapa offers a special reseller plan. If you're interested in saving more on hosting by marketing The HostPapa Plan, the reseller option may be right for you. Many people have signed up for this option and have enjoyed considerable success with it.


At first glance, it might seem like HostPapa has limited offerings when stacked up against other hosting companies. After all, there's basically only one plan. However, looks are deceiving in this case because that one plan is bursting at its seams with features. For that single, low price, you will gain access to a variety of features and options that make it a breeze to build and maintain a top-quality website.

HostPapa Web Hosting Features - HostPapa Review at CheapWebsites.com

With the HostPapa Plan, you will enjoy unlimited hosting, data transfer, domains and email accounts. This all-inclusive plan includes a cPanel control panel that couldn't be more user friendly. It also include a free site builder that's a snap to use. Web stats are included with the plan as well, so you can easily monitor the progress of your site.

With HostPapa, there's no need to go elsewhere for your website marketing needs. Powerful SEO tools are included for free, and the company even offers ad credits for many popular services. The Fantastico script installer allows even novices to easily install scripts for WordPress, wikis, Joomla and other platforms. The goMOBI app, which is included for free for the first 30 days, lets you instantly create a mobile version of your website.

For an extra fee, HostPapa also offers a number of handy e-commerce tools.


If you'd like you site to be up and running at all times, it's natural to be concerned about uptime. HostPapa boasts a 99.9-percent uptime rating and backs it up with a guarantee, so you can rest assured that you will be getting reliable hosting.

HostPapa is reliable in many other ways too. The company boasts an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau, for instance. Its high-performance Linux servers, which are located in Niagara Falls, New York, and Oakville, Ontario, Canada, are protected by a triple-redundant firewall. They're also monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Regular backups are performed, so in the highly unlikely event that something goes awry, all will not be lost. To top all of that off, the HostPapa plan is backed up by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you'll assume no major risk by giving this hosting provider a try.

Customer Support

HostPapa offers a comprehensive array of customer support options. You can access knowledgeable, courteous help via phone on a 24/7 basis. The same applies to chat support and email support. The company also offers an extensive knowledge base, and it's often possible to find the answers you need with a few clicks of the mouse button. Video tutorials are available for many subjects as well, and it's nice to be guided visually when attempting to complete various tasks.

When stacked up against most other hosting providers, HostPapa's customer support is truly exceptional.

The Bottom Line on HostPapa Hosting

So, is hosting by HostPapa right for you? It is if you're looking for reliable, affordable, dependable hosting and would rather use one company for all of your website design and maintenance needs. The already very affordable rates for the HostPapa Plan can be slashed even more by biding your time and waiting for a special deal to roll around. Even without a special offer, however, the plan is very competitively priced and includes everything you need to not only design your site but to keep it up and running and to market it as well.

User Review

by Jeffrey Stey

When I was looking to build a website for our business, I wanted to choose a service that was a good value... Keep Reading Review

by Jeffrey Stey

When I was looking to build a website for our business, I wanted to choose a service that was a good value and easy for me to use. That is why I went with HostPapa.com and their extraordinary web hosting. They even offer green website hosting that is helpful for the environment. This hosting review focuses on HostPapa.com and their pricing, services, features, products, reliability and support.

HostPapa Website Hosting Plans

HostPapa.com offers website hosting plans as low as $3.95 per month in a 3-year plan. This is a great example of the affordable prices that HostPapa.com has available. They even offer a top of the line VPS-premium plan that renews at only $199.99 per month. Prices such as these can fit into any budget.

Free Setup and Search Engine Optimization

A main service offered by the team at HostPapa.com includes free setup of a website. The technical department at HostPapa.com also provides services of search engine optimization and analytics, so that every website can reach more people online. Another great service is VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting for those businesses that really need it.

Usage, Credits, and Technology

The web hosting features at HostPapa.com include unlimited disk space, unlimited domain names on one account and unlimited bandwidth. All of the website plans also include advertising credits for third-party websites such as Facebook, Amazon, Bing and Yahoo. These features allow websites to build more online traffic. For VPS hosting, HostPapa.com also features supreme quality servers.

Products and Features

The products available from HostPapa.com are amazing. They have a free website builder software that is easy to use. For advanced users, they have website builder options for CSS, HTML and JavaScript. When someone receives web hosting from HostPapa.com, they also receive products such as a dedicated email address, Wordpress hosting and a wholesale domain reseller account. For businesses that conduct e-commerce, HostPapa.com offers online shopping cart software, a dedicated IP address and SSL secure server.

Rating, Price, Money Back Guarantee, and Support

HostPapa.com has earned a reliable reputation with a rating of 87%. For new customers, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. For website support, HostPapa.com has 24/7 live email, phone and chat available in multiple languages. They even provide video demonstrations. Most users agree that HostPapa.com is considered their best host for websites.

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