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The hosting service I was using for my eCommerce website was very unreliable. If you have an online store, it must be open 24/7. I certainly wasn’t getting anywhere near that with the web hosting company I was using. I couldn’t continue to count on them to have my best interests in mind, but I was concerned about the process involved in making a change.


Every hosting review I read, consistently gave hostgator.com a superior rating. At this point, I was very interested to see what type of hosting plans they offered and learn about the procedure for making the switch. Would it be seamless or require hours if not days, of my store being offline?

Usability and Transfers

My initial reaction to viewing their website was one of great relief. Right there on their main page they asked the question: Coming from another host? I was so glad to see they were addressing the transference of hosting head on. They would do the transfer for me at no charge and that was a very compelling reason to go with them.

Hosting Details

Next, I checked on their web hosting plans, which was also front and center. No deception or navigational mystery with their site, and that was most refreshing. There were three different plans and the ability to compare them to each other. Pricing was available from monthly, 6 months, yearly, or 2 and 3 year plans.

Features and Domain Registration

I was quickly agreeing with every hosting review I read. There are many features to take advantage of, such as Programming and Database, Control Panel, and Email, as well as different types of applications such as WordPress and Magento. There are numerous free video tutorials for just about anything you want to learn. If you need to register a domain name, they have that service as well. This is a quality one stop shop!

Uptime Guarantee and Support

Best of all, hostgator.com was guaranteeing 99.9% uptime, and that certainly was a welcome sight after my first web hosting company disaster. There was also support via phone, live chat and a ticket system. I no longer had to wait for the weekend to end to reach support.


I ended up choosing hostgator.com, and beginning with the seamless transfer, to the uptime I now count on, I wholeheartedly agree with all the excellent comments. I am pleased to add my own hosting review and urge you to check into hostgator.com.

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Score: 80% HostGator Review - Overall: 5/5
Features HostGator Review - Features: 4/5 Credibility HostGator Review - Credibility: 4/5 Safety HostGator Review - Safety: 45/5 Usability HostGator Review - Usability: 4/5 Support HostGator Review - Support: 4/5

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