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Nothing is as frustrating as going to watch movies or TV shows with a popular service like US Netflix, only to discover that there is a geoblock in place. This means that, for whatever reason, you are not permitted to access a service due to your geographic location. Luckily, Smart DNS services allow you to bypass this issue; the trick is finding the right one. For our money, UnoTelly is an excellent option that is well worth your consideration. Affordable, easy to use and bursting with features, it allows you to unblock popular services like American Netflix, HBO Go and Amazon Instant so you can watch TV shows, movies and other media on your own terms.

Basic Information

Now, most Smart DNS companies provide information regarding where they are headquartered and the like. Mysteriously, such information doesn't seem to be readily available for UnoTelly. Now that we've tried out the service and done some digging of our own, however, we can confidently say that UnoTelly is reputable and trustworthy. You're sure to agree upon landing on the main website, which features a sleek, modern design that inspires confidence. You'll really be sold after actually trying the service.


UnoTelly is very affordable, and its monthly rate is in line with many other popular Smart DNS services. You will enjoy full access to the service with the Premium Plan, which costs just $4.95 a month. If you opt for the Gold Plan, which costs $7.95 per month, you will also receive VPN services that protect your privacy while browsing.

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Like many services of this kind, UnoTelly offers a free trial. By providing your name and email address, you will receive eight days of free access. If you're willing to refer friends and family to UnoTelly, you can earn up to 365 additional days of free service too. It's definitely reassuring to know that you can give this geoblock solution a whirl without having to part with any of your hard-earned cash.


With UnoTelly, you can unblock more than 300 popular channels and streaming services, including HBO Go, Amazon Instant, Hulu and US Netflix. A vast array of devices are compatible with the service, so you can watch movies and shows on everything from your iPad to your desktop PC. One unique thing about UnoTelly is that you can select up to three countries at a time from which to view content. Therefore, you don't have to continually switch your DNS settings if you like watching American Netflix at some times and channels from other countries at others.

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Since UnoTelly works like a dream, you're unlikely to need customer support. The company provides a vast array of in-depth how-to guides to help set up service on nearly every device imaginable. In many instances, video guides are provided as well. However, if you do end up needing additional support, you can submit a ticket in the support section. We tested it out and were assisted very quickly. Thanks to the site's huge knowledgebase, though, you can probably find the answers you need without resorting to sending in a support ticket.


Because the Premium Plan doesn't include VPN service, it isn't slowed down in the slightest. Therefore, you can watch TV shows, movies and other media without the headache of constant buffering or even complete freeze-ups. We were very impressed by how quickly and efficiently the service worked. Even the initial setup was a breeze. There's no software to install, and you should be able to get up and running in a very short period of time. Once you do, try streaming a video to test the waters. If your experience is anything like ours, your movie or TV show should start playing almost immediately, and it should play through without any interruptions.

Pros and Cons

We like many things about UnoTelly, so our list of "pros" is long. There's the affordable price, for instance. For just $5 a month, you can finally do away with the geoblock issues that have been plaguing you. Talk about a great deal! Then there's the easy setup, which involves no software installation. We also really like the fact that you can select up to three different countries. That's a feature that isn't offered by many competing services, and it's quite handy. The extensive knowledgebase, including how-to guides and video tutorials, is a big plus too.

The only con we could think of was the lack of email or live chat support. However, the knowledgebase and ticket support system should more than suffice for the vast majority of users.

The Bottom Line

UnoTelly does what it sets out to do and for a very affordable price. If you are concerned about privacy, you can even upgrade to the Gold Plan to add VPN services into the mix too, so try it out today.

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