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Like many people, you may live in an area that's affected by geoblock restrictions. If so, you may be unable to access the online streaming services of your choice. If you'd like to watch TV shows, watch movies, enjoy American Netflix and access a variety of other services without such restrictions, a decent Smart DNS service is in order. Since the market is so flooded with such services, zeroing in on the best one can be tricky. One option to consider is Unlocator. While Unlocator offers a risk-free seven-day trial, you don't have to test it yourself. We've done that for you, and you can learn details about the service in this review. 

Basic Information 

When selecting a smart DNS service, it's important to check into the background of a company before signing up. We checked into the background of Unlocator for you and are pleased to report that it is owned by a very reputable company called Linkwork Ap5. They are based out of Copenhagen, Denmark, and they started Unlocator in 2013. Even though the service has only been available for a few short years, it's already soared to the head of the pack and is one of the most popular options around. 

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How much would you be willing to pay to unblock Netflix, Hulu and other popular streaming sites? With Unlocator, it doesn't have to be much at all. Indeed, the service is very affordable, and several plans are available. Before choosing one, though, take advantage of the seven-day free trial. You don't even have to provide credit card information, so you won't have to worry about being charged later if you decide not to use it. 

The one-month price for Unlocator is $4.95. However, by opting for a longer-term plan, you can reduce the monthly rate. For example, the six-month plan costs $27.50. For less than $30, you will be able to watch American Netflix and unblock other services for half a year. Better still, the 12-month plan costs $49.95, so you'll get an even deeper discount by opting for that plan. 


We're very impressed by Unlocator, but you should know it is strictly a SmartDNS service. It does not include encryption of any kind. That's actually a plus in some ways because speeds aren't negatively impacted at all. 

As far as features that are included, however, the best thing is that you gain access to more than 160 different channels, including US Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant and HBO Go. We definitely appreciate the variety that is made available, but we're even more impressed by the number of devices that are compatible with the service. Whether you'd like to sidestep the geoblock to watch TV shows and movies using your computer, a smart TV, a smartphone or just about any device, Unlocator has you covered.

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If there's one area in which Unlocator falls a tiny bit short, it's customer support. The main option is email; live chat and phone support are not available. However, Unlocator provides a wealth of information that covers virtually every topic imaginable, so you can usually troubleshoot issues yourself. At any rate, the service is so reliable and easy to use that you are unlikely to need support at all. Just follow the very detailed instructions for whichever device you will be using, and you should be good to go. 


There's no software to install with Unlocator, so you don't have to bog down your computer one bit. As mentioned previously, Unlocator is strictly a SmartDNS service. Encryption is not provided, so speeds are incredibly fast. In our performance tests, we were able to watch movies on US Netflix without any interruptions or issues. This was true across many different devices and operating systems as well. By using this service, then, you won't just gain access to streaming sites and services you normally couldn't use; you can also use them at very effective rates of speed for an optimal viewing experience. 

Pros and Cons 

Unlocator comes with many notable advantages. You can give it a whirl using the free trial without having to provide a credit card. Setup is easy, and there's no software to install. How-to guides are very detailed and helpful. Once the service is running, it's very reliable and allows you to access more than 160 channels. 

If we had to name one disadvantage of using Unlocator, it would be the somewhat limited customer support. However, the FAQs, how-to articles and other resources are so informative that extensive support isn't really necessary. 

The Bottom Line 

When it comes to Unlocator, the bottom line is that it's fast, effective, easy to use and very affordable. These and many other positive attributes make it a worthwhile option for people who live in regions that are affected by geoblocking.

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